Litigating Partnership Disputes And Business Divorces

While disputes with those outside of your business can greatly impact your operations, those that occur within your business can be even more detrimental. Arguments between partners can result in the dissolution of a business, and may involve a variety of elements from ownership stake to commercial real estate.

Fox & Moghul is adept at swiftly and effectively resolving these disputes, as well as dissolving or selling your business if necessary. We also handle sophisticated disputes between owners, shareholders and other decision-makers in a manner that safeguards your business's interests.

Specialized, High-Stakes Litigation Attorneys

When the stakes are high, Virginia businesses trust Fox & Moghul. Our attorneys are sensitive to your business goals, and are well-equipped to tackle the most complex of disputes between business stakeholders.

In addition to intra-business disputes and business divorces, we also handle a variety of breach of fiduciary duty disputes involving business executives, trustees and other parties. View our notable cases to learn more about some of our successes in these cases.

You can't afford a less experienced law firm to represent you or your company during such a contentious conflict. We offer counsel that is unmatched by even some of the largest firms in the region.

We Dedicate Our Full Time And Attention To Every Case

As a small law firm, we are able to commit our full attention to your case. You work directly with an accomplished business litigator who offers honest, actionable counsel to meet your goals. These cases are time-intensive and details matter, which is why you need a trial lawyer who is willing and able to personally dedicate the time it takes to get results.

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