What You Should Look For In A Business Litigation Attorney

Business disputes and business litigation are extremely costly and time-consuming areas of law in Virginia. The stakes are very high, so your choice in lawyer could not be any more important. But how do you go about choosing a business litigation firm to represent you? Here are several things you should look out for:


Business litigation can be tough, and you may be facing some of the most capable lawyers in the region. The best business attorneys know when to persevere until their client reaches a favorable resolution to their dispute.


In such a contentious area of law, you can't afford a less experienced attorney. While experience is always important in a law firm, it's especially important in business litigation. Every detail matters, and breadth and depth of an attorney's experience could be invaluable in the courtroom.


Business law involves various other areas of law, so your attorney should be well-rounded. For example, our firm has litigated high-stakes cases involving commercial real estate, combining our expertise in both business and real estate law.


Without the passion to succeed, your attorney will be of no use to you. When choosing a law firm, look for one with passion. Passion to win, passion for your business, passion for the law — these are all elements of winning legal representation.

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Our law firm was built on a foundation of these values because we truly believe these are the elements of a great business litigation firm. We encourage you to set up an initial consultation at our Fairfax office so you can decide for yourself if these are the values you want to invest in for your case. Call 571-732-0764 or reach out online to schedule an appointment.