Litigating Complex Construction Disputes

Construction projects are major investments for all parties involved. Contracts involving these projects are vital in ensuring each side is protected in the event something goes wrong. But far too often, either the purchaser is defrauded, or the seller is wrongfully accused due to the dissatisfaction of the purchaser.

No matter the case, Moghul Law PLLC represents all parties to ensure construction projects are fair and completed per the terms of the contracts in place. We understand the importance of these cases for all sides, and offer extensive experience and sophisticated counsel to come to a swift and just resolution.

We Take Fraudulent Concealment Cases Seriously

When you are purchasing a renovated property or having work done on the property you own, you may discover a property defect which was purposely hidden from you during the project. These may involve serious structural issues, including mold, broken pipes and faulty foundation.

Fraudulent concealment is a serious matter for real estate owners. If you are misled to pay for a construction project when there are defects present, or are wrongfully accused of concealing these defects, we vigorously advocate for your rights and your safety.

Trusted By Northern Virginia Individuals And Businesses

Our attorneys are trusted to secure the results when the stakes are high. For construction cases, much time and money have been invested in a property, which is why we carefully and thoroughly investigate every case to build a strong argument on your behalf.

In one case, our firm provided ongoing representation to a prominent real estate development group in a construction dispute involving a D.C. rehabilitation project (Harriet & Dexter Frost v. Reyes Services LLC, The Reyes Group LLC et al.). Learn more about our notable case successes.

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